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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is Tiger going to play just 9 holes?

Posted By on December 8, 2009, 5:17 PM

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You can't even go to the Doctor's office without getting barraged with Tiger jokes.---

I'm not kidding.....I took my wife to see her orthopedic doc about a knee problem and before he even looked at the x-rays and MRI report he started into almost a standup routine of Tiger Woods jokes.  I had to admit that they were pretty funny.  It got to the point that I forgot where I was and wondered where the cocktail waitress was to order a drink.

This is the perfect storm for comedy.  Golf has always been rich ground for jokes going back to Bob Hope.  Now there have been athletes with their scandals about women, guns, gambling, drugs and such but nothing comes close to this perfect storm.  You have the worlds greatest golfer with an image of a saint who could do no wrong.  A guy who has become the first billion dollar athlete who makes $100 million a year in endorsements alone suddenly the punchline of every comic, mechanic, drive-thru cashier, doctor, lawyer,  name it.  The original story that early morning in Florida was bad enough but now we have women falling out of trees claiming to be members of Tiger's harem.  So far 9 have claimed membership and I'm sure there will be more.  Now whether they will have any credibility remains to be seen but does it matter at this point?

To make matters even more bizarre we have stories that Tiger is trying to get his wife to renegotiate their prenup that would pay her in the neighborhood of $85 million to stay with him for 10 years and pretend that nothing ever happened when they were out in public together.  You've got to be kidding!  This would make her nothing more than hired help or escort at best.  He has already lost some of his endorcement's having them pulled from running currently with no idea if or when they will be back.  Tiger should have taken a que from David Letterman and gotten out in front of the story before it swallowed him whole as it has.  There are even those who question whether he will play again.  Now you've got to be kidding.  Of course he will play and probably wind up making more on appearance fees than ever.  I'll refrain from making any Tiger/golf jokes, I'm sure you've heard enough at work or the coffee shop.  Let's just see how long this will be strung out before he makes a public statement.

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