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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"I hate hating...it takes too much work"

Posted By on December 2, 2009, 3:17 PM

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O. K. I'll admit my last blog was a bit over the top in the hate department.%uFFFD I don't hate "The Donald's" hair.%uFFFD How could I? I don't even know if it is his or he just rents it!---

Regarding Max Hall and his post game foot-in-mouth problem, you have to feel a little sorry for him.%uFFFD He still hates everything "U" and that is his right.%uFFFD It's kind of sad as I don't hate BYU except for one day of the year and that usually ends with the gun going off at the end of the game.%uFFFDIf we, The U, %uFFFDwin I feel great.%uFFFD If we loose I feel lousy.%uFFFD Then we go into the, "wait until next year mode".%uFFFD Fans can be great and some can be assholes like the one who accosted Kyle Wittinghams family at the end of the game.%uFFFD Kyle and the University of Utah did the right thing by sticking to the no comment line and letting the idiots rant on both sides.%uFFFD

There is always next year and who knows what kind of teams will show up.%uFFFD I do know this, the families of the respective coaching staffs should be in boxes and treated like coaches and staff in the SEC and other conferences.%uFFFD You always see these coaches and staff escorted by police after the games to make sure that no idiots, drunk or sober do anything stupid.%uFFFD The MWC reprimand of Hall after his tirade is meaningless and the only person who has to live with this out burst that has been simmering since the U beat the Y last year is Hall.%uFFFDThe apology supposedly penned by Hall is a joke and I doubt Hall even read it.%uFFFD It all boils down to a huge,%uFFFDwho cares? %uFFFDNow can we get on to more serious stuff like....ah....Tiger Woods?%uFFFD Wouldn't you like to be a bulb on that Christmas tree?

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