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Saturday, November 21, 2009

In The Loop: 11/21/09. Captain's House, UAF Call & To Mr. Leto

Posted By on November 21, 2009, 4:23 PM

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Hello voyeuristic Buttars-squirming enthusiasts. This week a sample of artwork from the Captain Captain Studio's open house they held last week. Very cool to see all the new work up, which for those of you unable to make it can check out over here. But trust me, photo does not compare. Go to the next one in 2010.

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--- While we're on the subject of art, THE CALL FOR ENTRIES has officially begun for the Utah Arts Festival. And not just oen area, we're talking all. Visual, Marketplace, Culinary and Performing! Last year was absolute fun with the array of local talent on hand and I know we can do better. So to the visual artists, please, get your application filled and turned in. And to bands and artists.. do I realy need to kick you guys any harder than I am right now? The fest deserves the widest array of local talent we have to offer. Get some tracks onto MP3 or MySpace, fill out the application, and at least try. You can find all the application information by clicking here. The majority of these deadlines hit between early February and mid-March. But hey, you just saw it, do it now!

Next, bare with me for a moment as we go more mainstream, I'd like to personally address someone, who I know will never read this and I'm sure this will get me tons of hate mail, but I feel it needs to be done. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-HEM!
Dear Jared Leto;

I get it, I completely get it, the whole ideal of rock stars wanting to be actors and vice versa, its totally understandable. I mean, look at Dogstar, need I say more? Problem is... you suck at both. Musically, I've heard catchier guitar riffs in the middle of 70's porn scenes. Nickleback writes better lyrics and I believe they're legally braindead. As far as acting goes, there are only two films I somewhat like you in: “Fight Club” and “American Psycho.” You get your ass handed to you by Ed Norton and your spine hacked to bits by Christian Bale. I smile during both. To expand any further on your acting career would be an insult to film in general, so let's move on. I don't know anyone who finds anything your band does musically appealing. And that's not some random statement I made up, I went around and asked people all this week. I even asked random people, which included teens (the group you shamelessly aim for) and still no one. After hearing pieces of the new CD, I'm absolutely convinced you are here to finish what My Chemical Romance started... and that's to kill music. If any of the obese indoor-kids from the generation behind mine have any sense, they'll pass your horrible echo-filled album over and buy something less painful. Like the generic Taylor Swift or the animatronic robot known as Lady Gaga. Do us all a favor and just stop. --Love, Gavin

As for me, the Thanksgiving weekend will not be spent waiting for Christmas to rape and pillage the holiday. Instead, I'll have interviews from this week's Gallery Stroll, a chat with the local artist behind Banana Panic, another major comic artist coming to town, a look into some artistic furniture and some very interesting and awesome interviews with a couple of local theatre icons. Prepare to get your stuffing on as we enter the mother of all weekends, and as always we'll see what happens.

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