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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HEADLINE: Payday Lenders Lying? ...NO!

Posted By on November 3, 2009, 5:01 PM

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The idea behind headlines is to tweak your interest to read the story that follows.%uFFFD When the headline tells you almost everything why read the story?---

I had to laugh when I saw the morning headline, "Payday lenders caught in lie?"%uFFFD I have been railing against these scumbags for years as they give loan sharks a bad name.%uFFFD These check cashing joints, that now out number 7/11's, screw people on a daily basis.%uFFFD They prey upon the most vulnerable of society and get them caught into a web of debt that many will never get out of.

It is no surprise that they have had unfettered reign in Utah as their lobby is huge and made up of some heavy weight names.%uFFFD People who are or were part of local politics like former head of the Utah Republican Party Richard Evans, and in the case of Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, his new chief deputy over civil cases is the former lawyer for these payday lenders.%uFFFD Jesus Christ, can you spell conflict of interest?%uFFFD John Swallow, who ran for Congress twice being defeated by Jim Matheson, is Mark Shurtleff's new right hand man.%uFFFD Swallow is a former state legislator and will now assume the position of Shurtleff's close political advisor as chief deputy A. G. handling civil cases.%uFFFD

If memory serves I think there were some 4000 civil cases involving payday loan-sharks in Utah last year.%uFFFD I could be off by 10,000 or more.%uFFFD Ya gotta love this place.%uFFFD Utah is like Mayberry run by the mob.%uFFFD

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