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Monday, November 2, 2009

Proof that lots of Mormons are cool

Posted By on November 2, 2009, 12:16 AM

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Some readers have gotten the idea that I hate Mormons.

I guess it's understandable. I spend a lot of time railing against LDS Church leadership -- mainly for financing anti-marriage campaigns and supporting church policies that encourage the spiritual abuse of its gay and lesbian members.---

But, for the record, my criticism is solely against some of the church's official policies and statements -- not against rank-and-file members, many of whom I love and respect. (Some people have a hard time making this distinction, but it's always clear in my mind.)

Mormons have a reputation for being rigid and judgmental, which is unfair. There are some like that, but many others brought up in the church tend to absorb its more Christ-like teachings of love and compassion (and embrace their God-given ability to think critically). BYU Professor Richard D. Poll famously classified these types as "Iron Rod" and "Liahona" Mormons.

(My theory is that the Iron Rod Mormons have simply developed an unhealthy obsession with the church's public image, and thus strayed from the religion's most interesting and peculiar roots. The Liahona Mormons seem more secure in themselves and less thirsty for approval.)

I'm also pretty sure the Iron Rods are the ones who vote the straight Republican ticket on the grounds that the GOP is Heavenly Father's favorite American political party. So I was heartened to see signs of Liahona Mormons on Facebook: The Facebook group "Mormons for Obama" has 884 members and is growing.

Cheers, Mormons for Obama!

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