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Monday, November 30, 2009

"I hate BYU...I hate everything about them"

Max Hall hates the University of Utah and everything about them.--- I hate broccoli.  That pretty much sums up my hatred.....Oh I forgot squash and oysters and Donald Trumps hair. 

Why You Should Watch Monday Night Football part 12

Simple. This could be the best NFL game you see all year.

Utahns Support Statewide Antidiscrimination Laws

Encouraging results from a recent Dan Jones poll show 69 percent of Utahns support statewide laws protecting LGBT folks against job and housing discrimination. While that figure is a little higher than I expected -- I was thinking around 62 percent -- what is really surprising is that a mere 28 percent opposed anti-discrimination laws.

Update from Kanab

I was so agreeably full of turkey and ambrosia salad that I neglected to post a Friday Letters Round-up last week.� But had I managed to rouse myself from that postprandial torpor, I'm sure this Trib letter, from Charley Bishop of Kanab, would have been at the top of the list.

Max Hall: Mormon Missionary

BYU Quarterback Max Hall, shows us all that he is, in fact... on a mission from God.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blue Boat Home Design

For the most part artwork tends to flow into one of several norms, the most average being a canvased piece as so on from there. But few times to people ever view the piece they're buying as both a unique display and a utility in one.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Pork Awesomeness

Tired of Thanksgiving turkey yet? How about a helping of pork?

This Black Friday, set aside a bit for charity

The Weigand Center, a downtown day-time homeless shelter operated by Catholic Community Services, was on the edge of shutting down completely earlier this year. Center administrators approached the downtown Salt Lake City business community for donations, but came away empty handed, they say.

Sister Dottie S. Dixon

As you're sitting back and enjoying this Thanksgiving weekend (or more likely are getting trampled at some Black Friday sale), we've taken a moment to post up an interview with a local icon that's been speaking on the ideas of friends, family and faith (which the holiday should be about) and focusing on the troubling and sometimes chaotic times... with the voice of a sister. --- Sister Dottie S. Dixon has emerged as a fixture in both the local theatre and radio circuits, as well as becoming an active voice for the GLBT community overnight.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving rescue: Need an emergency side dish?

For weeks now, you've been having romantic visions of waltzing into Aunt Margie's house Thanksgiving Day carrying a brace of glorious pies -- apple and blueberry, maybe -- with carefully constructed lattice-top crusts. ("Of course, homemade crusts are a little tricky," you'd admit with a modest downward glance, "but the store-bought kind never seem flaky enough.")

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