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Friday, October 30, 2009

"It's good to be King!"...until election day

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The King not only doesn't have any clothes, he doesn't have any brains either.---

The saga taking place in Stockton over the Mayor's kid getting a ticket for driving without a license is becoming a tragic/comedy of Nixonian porportions. 

This seemingly minor story has exploded into a classic example of power corrupting and absolute power exposing gross stupidity. This all started when a Stockton police officer was doing his duty along with 4 other officers maning a DUI checkpoint.  Apparently the Mayor's son, who happens to be 29, was stopped when he tried to evade the check point.  Officer Cpl. Josh Rowell's job was to make sure no one evaded the checkpoint.  Jason Rydalich, Mayor Dan Rydalich's son was given a ticket by officer Rowell for driving without a license.

I guess you could say that stupidity is hereditary as one should know by the time you have reached 29 years of age that a license is required to operate a motor vehicle.  What happened next is where things go off the rails.  Instead of the "kid", paying for his mistake of driving without a license he went to his daddy the Mayor and cried.  Daddy, that mean man gave me a ticket....WHAAAA!

Any good parent would scold their adult child and tell them that it's their problem and take care of it.  Not King Rydalch.  He promptly fired officer Rowell.  Officer Rowell's firing was subsequently adjusted to a suspension once the news got out and then a town Council meeting was held.  All memberes of the Council sided with officer Rowell and he was reinstated to his position with back pay.  Now members of the town Council want Rydalch to resign. 

The question that puzzles me is how did this moron get elected in the first place?  Now to worry, he is running for relection and with election day looming on the horizon I would think Mayor Rydalch will be kicking turds down the road after he cleans out his desk in City Hall.  Then again, this is Utah and we elect and reelect turds all the time!


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