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Friday, October 16, 2009

"It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a hoax!"

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The war in Afghinstan, the war in Iraq, the war on Capitol Hill over health care, the economy.  But first our lead story tonight is about a balloon flying over Colorado with a 6-year old in it!---

You have to wonder about our news organizations when this kind of story takes the lead and uses up 5 to 6 minutes of prime news time.  It was a facinating story at first but there was no boy in the balloon as we soon found out but the news channels couldn't pass up following this until the balloon ran out of helium and landed in an empty field not far from Denver International Airport.

If the boy had actually been in this huge balloon that looks like a flying saucer, then this would have been a remarkable story.  What makes me wonder about the whole thing is the fact that this family has been on ABC's reality show "Wife Swap" twice.  The family call themselves storm chasers and dabble in "scientific" experiments looking for extraterrestrails and weather.  The Sheriff said he didn't think there was any planned hoax going on just a little boy who got yelled at by his dad and went and hid in a box in the garage.  The boy's name is Falcon and his father was adamant that this was no hoax and was just glad his son, Falcon, was safe and sound at home all the time.

Maybe it was all as the father says, a misunderstanding whether the boy, Falcon, was in the balloon or not.  No matter, we had TV helicopters tracking the flying saucer balloon for over 50 miles at altitudes nearing 7000 ft.  It even caused the airport to shut down for a short time as nobody could do anything but follow and watch where the wind would take it. 

Being the skeptic that I am, you have to wonder if it was planned or just an occurance that captured the media by the throat and wouldn't let go.  My main concern is for a small boy named Falcon who made some comments that would lead you to believe that this was planned all along.  If nothing else, it was nice to see something on the nightly news other than Obama getting a Grammy or Oscar or some God awful Congressional hearings that lead to nowhere.  If only I had my copy of Sarah Palin's book to keep me away from the TV.  Oh I can't wait until November 17th for it's release.  Maybe I'll put it in a baloon and send it aloft. I'm sure that there will be enough hot air in the book to keep it flying for weeks!

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