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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Limbaugh got punted out of NFL deal...hahah

Posted By on October 15, 2009, 1:18 PM

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Rush Limbaugh was drop kicked out of the NFL before he could even be drug tested!---

Not that Rush could pass the drug testing that the NFL imposes on players, but he couldn't even pass the smell test to be part of a group put together by Dave Checketts to buy part of the St. Louis Rams.  Checketts must have had way too much red punch when he decided to include Limpdick in his group.  This comedy of errors started when Checketts said that Rushbo would be a silent partner with no say in operations, players, contracts or any of the day to day running of this NFL franchise.

I had an appointment this morning and was in my car at 10 am so I wondered how Limbo would try to spin his getting booted out before he could even get in.  The NFL Commissioner Roger Godell came out and said publically that Tush Limbaugh was the last thing that he NFL needed.  A lighteng rod for controversy.  Something that they work very hard to minimize.  Plexaco Burriss shooting himself in the leg with his own gun in a bar.  Out.  Michael Vick convicted dog fighter. Prison and out until he completed his community service speaking to youth groups about his stupidity and how wrong he was to be involved with dog fighting.

So this morning listening to this gas-bag was better than the comedy channel.  The world according to limbaugh, his getting fired by Checketts was Obama's fault.  The union's fault. A sign of the apocalypse, George Soros fault, A sign of whats wrong with America, Racism......blablablabla. 

What made this so funny was his denial of being racist in his comments over the years where there are numerous sites you can go to and listen to him in his own words making overtly racist comments.  He even denied saying those things about Donovan McNabb on ESPN that got him fired from there after a couple of weeks.  He either has lost all sanity regarding his own daily bombast or honestly believes that he never said all those things over the years that are still on tape!  Even this morning he was trying to make his case by saying that only 7% of blacks go to NFL games and black players should be kissing his ring for being a fan and supporting the mega millions that they make. 

This is all about him and the NFL will rue the day they decided his lard ass was not wanted any where near it in an form. The only question to be answered now is how long will his whining continue?  Rush Limbaugh is a paria and any group that associates itself with him will forever be stained with his bigotry, hypocracy and mountain of bullshit that he feeds on.

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