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Saturday, October 10, 2009

In The Loop: 10/10/09. Lewis, Broadway's Best, UTLFA & Bad Air

Posted By on October 10, 2009, 6:54 PM

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Hello antsy propaganda posting enthusiasts. First off, hey, Juliette Lewis is singing to me!

--- Upon provocation and text harassment via my friends Holly and Sahna, I pulled myself out of an already 20 hour day and headed over to Club Vegas on Wednesday... and was not disappointed a bit. Belting out songs in a way you see very few women singers do, Lewis hit the mic and didn't stop delivering, making every song sound like it was the first. Backed by her group The New Romantiques, the band went from hard hitting rock to bluesy pain to house band finish, all with Juliette decked in feathers and her Solid Gold outfit. Good showing.

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Last night the Best Of Broadway Awards were held over at the Rose Wagner. The dinner gala showed of some of the finest from the past year along with performances and presentations. Winners ranged from the virtually unknown to local favorites or national names Here are a few photos from last night's event along with a complete list of winners.
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Culinary Arts – Appetizer: Epic Casual Dining
Culinary Arts – Entrée:
Cucina Toscana
Culinary Arts – Dessert:
Nathan Powers
Music – Vocal Artist:
Carmen Rasmusen Herbert
Music – Instrumentalist:
Jon Schmidt
Music – Ensemble or Group:
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Visual Arts – Painting & Sculpture:
James C. Christensen
Visual Arts – Photography & Film:
Broken Hill
Graphic Arts:
Utah Capitol Preservation Board
Performing Arts: Utah Shakespearean Festival
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Literary Arts:
Alex Bigney –
Talking to Tesla
Arts Education:
Barbara Scowcroft

Community Development & Service to the Arts – Individual:
Beverly Sorenson
Community Development & Service to the Arts – Organization:
337 Project
Community Development & Service to the Arts – Company:
Zions Bank

Lifetime Achievement Award:
Arnold Friberg

Moving onto the Utah Local Festival Of Arts, as of the moment this was posted up you have about three hours left of the festival to go check out. Lots of awesome artwork and performance art, plus musical performances in the main gala and even tours of the Masonic Temple if you're interested. Good crowd on hand, even Mayor Corroon dropped in to paint. You can check out photos over in this gallery, or you can head over and join the fun. But if you're reading this post the next day... sucks to be you!

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Last topic for me today, switching to one from earlier this week, I feel I need to post a final comment on a situation that's been blown entirely out of proportion. I won't go over the grander details since even thinking about it gives me a headache, but I originally posted an interview earlier in the week about Ebay Jamil that was simply focused on his career in radio and music. The following Monday an anonymous “journalist” signed on with a free username to ridicule KRCL in the comments section and make public an argument that former station talent David Perschon decided to voice in Catalyst Magazine this month. In turn the past five days have become, at least in my opinion, a complete waste of time. Too many people writing in to bitch and moan for the sake of bitching and moaning, criticize my integrity as a writer, attempt to push their own agendas to the forefront, and ultimately tarnished what otherwise has been praised in email and in person by others in our profession (both friendly and competitive) as a damn good interview. To address the matter at hand, as far as the inner workings and squabbles go, NO, I WILL HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. I am not a gossip columnist, I will not interject myself into a bitter fight no one wants to talk on-the-record about, and you can't bribe or bully me into it. I will not be a pawn in this ridiculous game that you have dredged onto our website in the cheapest form possible. If anything you've only hurt your own causes in my eyes and made Dave look like a child airing dirty laundry in the process. To which you should collectively be smacked across the face for.
As for the “journalist” who had so much free time to complain this week, if you're really the professional you claim to be, you should have known better than to drag David and KRCL through the mud for no reason other than to win an argument with a guy who doesn't know or give a damn who you are. If you really are the all-seeing-all-knowing reporter of Utah with a staff that answers to your every whim, you'll have no trouble exposing this story yourself and take all the credit in the process. But we both know you won't because if you were going to do that... you would have done it by now instead of venting on a independent paper's comment board. Do the work or shut the hell up! The original intent of this blog is to promote and encourage participation and growth of the local entertainment scene in every form. Whether it be music, art, film, fashion, literature or any number of other forms that have established themselves in our community. I do so out of my own free time with love and appreciation for the people here who have the talent and skill and pride in what they do, who are willing to take risks to entertain, even if at the end of the day they receive no applause or praise. I do not expect everyone to love everything I cover, and I know full well that you cannot make everyone happy and to try to do so would drive anyone insane. So in turn I do take suggestions of what people would like to read about. But I will not be manipulated into covering a topic based off of ill-intention or anger by professionals or amatures of any stripe. And that is the last I will comment on that situation here.
Now, if you haven't gone brain-dead or skipped to the comments section to criticize, twist words or ramble on like a heckler, how about we discuss what's coming down the road. I'll have interviews with the two winners of last month's Open Screen Night, we'll take a look at upcoming plays for both Plan-B and Salt Lake Acting Company, visit Gallery Stroll, take a look at a cooperative workspace and hit up a convention in town. And with fall in full effect bringing more events to light the rest of the month is sure to be exciting. But of course we'll see what happens.

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