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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Passion Pit: The Second Time Around

Posted By on October 8, 2009, 12:18 PM

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I expected to not like it.

I’ll put that right out there.---

The excitement I once had for Boston's Passion Pit took a pretty severe nosedive back in May, when I happened to walk into their set at Sasquatch, way over yonder in Washington. They were the indie band of the moment - they had the songs that tasted like candy and attracted the hipsters like bees to honey. How could you go wrong with all of that, right? But, well, they didn’t sound like their album … and not in one of those good ways, either. It didn’t even sound like their lead singer could hit those high notes. Figured they were a studio band more than a live one because it just sounded terrible. I didn’t stick around all that long.

It’s not bad to give a band a second chance. Everyone has an off night, right? Benefit of the doubt and all that. I figured they were at the beginning of their career and maybe needed to work a few of the bugs out. So, last night, they got their chance. Besides, “Sleepyhead” is one of those that burns into your head and leaves a mark. How could a song that ketchy belong to a band that couldn’t perform very well at all? It did not compute.

Frontman Michael Angelakos doesn’t have the most amazing voice in the world. It’s a little on the chirpy side. And it’s a lot more noticeable when he’s standing in front of you with a microphone. But you get past that, eventually. You get used to it. You end up liking it. They made all the right moves on their visit to Utah. Urban Lounge sold out its share of tickets (no surprise there) and it was flat-out ridiculous how fun it was. From the time it started until it was over. A quick hiccup of a show at 40 minutes or so (and that’s with the encore, no less), but nobody seemed to mind. For a Wednesday night, the kids danced like crazy, the arms were raised and everybody sang along to the right parts … it all came together (check out a clip here)

What a difference a few months on the road makes. Thanks, Passion Pit. Bravo. I’ll most likely be seeing you again.

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