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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cadaver App! Plus Drunken App-Downloading

Posted By on October 8, 2009, 12:40 PM

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The University of Utah has just announced new iPhone apps it has developed, one of which allows for a virtual cadaver dissection, right there in the palm of your hand-- amazing!...and gross.--- The Anatomylab app will run you $10 but a cheaper version more for the layperson as opposed to the med student or lovers of the dead can be had for $1.99 called MyBody.

Another U designed app, ImageVis3D is a free download that allows the user to “display, rotate and otherwise manipulate 3-D images of medical CT and MRI scans, and a wide range of scientific images, from insects to molecules to engines,” according to the press release.

I know I’m probably late to this discovery but it’s amazing to think that the newest commercial tech gold rush is the endeavor to create apps. And props to the big brains at the U for creating some unique and educational apps.

But for me the greatest discovery with apps has been that there are just so many weird-ass apps out there. I’ve had an iPhone for a probably three months now and up until last week I had never really discovered the joy of apps.

That was only until the day after a brutal night of drinking that I discovered that I discovered the mysterious appearance of some unusual apps on my phone. Apparently, in my diminished capacity I downloaded an app that makes turkey calls.

It’s great. It has of course the classic gobble as well as the “cluck and purr”, “tree call”, and other noises you might never knew came out of a turkey.

Lord knows how I ever found the app, but somehow I did and I’m forever grateful. The turkey calls are great for annoying people. You can even set it on a loop to play all the turkey calls at once like some deranged, gobbling orchestra from hell. 

So while I give kudos to the geniuses out there who continue to make apps a technological, hand-held marvel, I’ve got to toot my own horn for my own contribution to the technological field: Drunken app downloading. Even if I’m not the first, I’m just gonna take credit now unless anyone can challenge me on an inebriated download prior to Sep. 30 2009. Until then I know I’m going to continue making questionable downloads. Hell, if I down enough Jameson I’ll probably wake up one morning holding a cadaver app in my phone wondering ‘God what have I done!’

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