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Monday, October 5, 2009

"Here Kitty-Kitty"

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I hate cats.....Sally is not a cat she is a furry little tyrant who is Queen of this castle and I am just staff!---

Maybe it is that I stopped taking Prozac a long time ago or not having a job gives me way too much time on my hands to allow my emotions to surface and churn when I see an animal story in the news.  They get me every time.  The dog that seemed lost after a horrible car wreck gathering up items thrown from the van that crashed at the remote site along side the road and staying with them as they were reminders of her home and family.  The dog was rescued two weeks later and reunited with his family who survived the crash.  I sat there like a idiot with tears running down my ugly mug.

The stories of animal abuse make me want to hit the perp's with my Louisville Slugger up side their head.  It is a proven fact that youngsters who commit animal abuse are on their way to abusing other people in their lives and need mental help with their punishment.

The National Institutes of Health have said for years that there is valid scientific evidence that owning pets are good for your health.  The comfort and companionship offered by having a pet cannot be quantified.  So have we got a deal for you.

The Humane Society of Utah has declared October as Cat Month and are offering you the opportunity to adopt an adult cat for a mear $10.  In their ads they jokingly say, "certified pre-owned cats---$10 down, 0 percent financing and just one easy payment".  The $10 includes vaccination and spay/neuter surgery.  This "Cats for Clunkers" offer is in effect the cheapest health insurance anyone has ever offered.  I don't know what I'd do with out my stupid cat even though she has me trained to do the stupidest human tricks imaginable.  She won't let you hold her or sit in your lap but she will climb up on the counter when I'm trying to read the paper and curl up under my chin.  We go through this ritual every morning.  After we have a talk about how I can't read he paper she will leave in a huff only to return to my desk and sit between my computer key board and screen and stare at me until she decides to lie down under the warmth of my desk lamp and snooze while I write. 

As much as she hates me she has to be where ever I am.  On the couch, desk or in bed.  In the morning she will sit on the bathroom counter and examine everything there as I brush my teeth and all that getting up stuff.  She sits out side the door of the shower waiting for me to come out only to start yelling at me to hurry up because she wants breakfast and be let out to explore the back yard.  She has a thing for doors.  They must be left open.  Not that she wants to go in or out but she wants them open just in case.....of what I don't know but they must be open.  Sally is also my personal trainer.  When I'm on the couch she will go over to the sliding door to the patio and sit and stare at me until I get up and go open it a crack.  We go through this all night long until I go to bed.

Like I said, I don't know what I'd do without her.  You can get your personal trainer right now by going down to the Humane Society at 4242 S. 300 West or go to utahhumane.org.  You will thank me and they will love you.

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