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Saturday, October 3, 2009

"It's just my opinion...I could be wrong...again"

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You should send your surrogate to watch this movie.---

I know that when I get into doing a movie review I am asking to be hit over the head with a baseball bat because others might not agree.  I don't care if you don't like my take on anything.  Being a critic is nothing more than a fancy word for having an opinion.  You name it, food critic, art critic, movie critic etc.  It just boils down to your taste period.  That doesn't mean I'm right or you're wrong.  It just means we have a different opinion about whatever it is we are talking about.

That said, I was really dissappointed in Bruce Willis's latest movie, Surrogates.  I really like Bruce's movies.  They usually are great on action and his charm and sense of humor I find entertaining regardless of plot and story line.  BUT.....this is a big but. Surrogates just was flat.  Not a new premise but if you are going to go down this road at least bring something new to make it entertaining and fun to watch. 

Willis looked as board doing this movie as I was watching it.  I happen to like these kinds of films because they take you out of the world we live in for a couple of hours of escape.  Surrogates made me look forward to going out of the darkened theater and back to reality.  It seemed that Willis just needed a paycheck to rebuild his little town in Idaho that burned down.  The only thing I found interesting in the movie was the lack of scenes that were in the trailer.  Unless I nodded off there was no scene of him kicking his surrogate wife in the face exposing her android self under the plastic exterior.  I have to rate this film 1 and a half Raisinetts.  Not as bad as District 9!

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