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Friday, October 30, 2009

Ogden's Own Distillery

While the state in general is gaining a major following toward breweries and pubs, not to mention localized brews, there's now a big request and audience for hard liquor. But with most of the well-known mixes coming from everywhere else but Utah, its hard to find anything beyond beer.

Friday Letters Round-Up

All Americans have the right to express their Judeo-Christian beliefs. --- Dear UDOT: Wanna get married?

For the MAD MEN fans: A bit of biting hilarity

Can't believe I've never before come across Kristen Ament's weekly Mad Men episode recaps. Here they are in all their hilarious, irreverent glory.

What is NOM hiding in Maine?

The National Organization for Marriage -- which has a pretty Orwellian name for a group seeking to prevent a lot of people's marriages -- is hitting Maine hard this season in an attempt to revoke the marriage rights of gays and lesbians in that state -- and trying to skirt Maine's election laws in the process. NOM is most famous for producing "The Gathering Storm," a sublimely overwrought and often-parodied TV ad which, in the words of Frank Rich, portrayed "homosexuality as a national threat second only to terrorism."

Sunday night TV

KUED's Sunday night Masterpiece Contemporary at 8 p.m., A Place of Execution, is a convoluted two part detective yarn about a 1963 murder in rural England and the investigative reporter 40 years later who takes another look at the case.--- The reporter is played by Juliet Stevenson.

Scary time for Real

Tomorrow's 4 p.m. Real Salt Lake game in Rio Tinto's Sandy stadium against Columbus Crew is the first leg of the play-offs.---

Head cases

Next week's cover story, currently titled Insult to Injury, explores the social isolation and tragedy that often befalls those who suffer head trauma.--- While I was working on it, my aunt in the south east of England was put into Seaford Retirement Home.

"It's good to be King!"...until election day

The King not only doesn't have any clothes, he doesn't have any brains either.--- The saga taking place in Stockton over the Mayor's kid getting a ticket for driving without a license is becoming a tragic/comedy of Nixonian porportions. 

Weekend Live Picks: So Creepy

This weekend, in between sessions writing my book, She's Just Not That Into Costumes - Deal With It, I'll be celebrating Halloween with some killer live shows. I suggest you do the same, whether you're dressed in sexy/silly/scary gear or not.---

Live With Matt Weidauer

Rounding out the last of the album releases for the month, Muse Music plays host to one last local tonight. --- Matt Weidauer, formerly of Season's End and The March Illness, will be releasing his self-titled nine track album tonight.

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