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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"The sky didn't fall....I'll drink to that!"

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I hate to say I told you so but......I TOLD YOU SO!---

The first part of that is pure bullshit.  We love to be able to say, "I told you so".  It makes us feel smart.  Of course the degree of smartness that we feel is directly porportional to what you were so precient about. If you tell your friend that if he jumps off the garage roof wearing a towel as a cape, he will probably break his neck or something and when he does the "I told you so" doesn't have much weight.

Now when it come to the stupid Utah liquor laws it's a different story.  I have been bashing the ridiculas liquor laws for 35 years and every time there would be a little change toward normalcy and the world didn't come to an end, there was the urge to say, "I told you so".  Over the years this became tiresome and I along with most people just stopped saying it because it fell on deaf ears anyway.

Now comes 2008 and then Governor Jon M. Huntsman has been trying to get rid of the private club law for his two terms and finally pulls it off with statemanship, logic and use of his enormous political capital.  Private clubes were done away with and the prohibitionists were screaming bloody murder that there would be a flood of booze flowing down the streets of Salt Lake and every car would be a DUI case.

Well the numbers are in and all that whining by the idiots at MADD and others have proven to be false.  Fact is that drinking is actually down from previous years but dining by the public has risen.  How could that be?  Wasn't the only reason to patronize a private club was to get blitzed and fall down drunk?  Not exactly.  You see people want to go out for an evening of fun whether to a JAZZ game, concert, play or some other event and get something to eat with friends and enjoy a drink and socialize.

Now what is maddening to me is that we no longer have a Governor with the insight vision for reality.  Governor-by-default, Gary Herbert and his like minded twits in the Legislature have no plans to further the legalization of adulthood in Utah by slamming the door on any mention of getting rid of the quota system of licensing.  The DABC and it's Chairman Sam Granato have said repeatedly that the quota system hinders economic growth and should be done away with. This is an economic issue, not a drinking issue but try telling that to the twits who we allow to run things.   

Lets hope Gov. Herbert will have a very short term and the state can elect someone with the intelligence and foresight of former Governor Huntsman.  Salt Lake Mayor Ralph Becker has the right stuff if we could just get him to run.

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