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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Big Love"....."Big Paranoia"

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Stop your whining about a TV show that actually does you more good than harm.---

I was amazed to read this morning that the LDS Church is still torked about the HBO hit show Big Love because last march they had an episode that depicted some Temple ceremony.  I watched it and thought nothing of it as it didn't make fun or impune anything involving this ceremony. 

This is such a big deal that this episode of Big Love was discussed at length as part of Awareness Week sponsored by UVU's center for the Study of Ethics.  This is gettng a little ridiculas as the title of this panel discussion was; "Revealing the Sacred: Is it Ever Ethical? Big Love's Temple Scene & Portrayal of the Sacred".

All you guys are doing is bringing more attention to the show, Big Love, and helping the ratings.  I enjoy the show and any thinking person who watches it knows that the characters live outside Mormonism and in polygamy.  The show is the best advertisment for the fact that the LDS Church does not condone such practice and what a miserable life these people live.

Stop for a second and think about the Catholic Church and all the crazy things that have been portrayed about them with Dan Brown's books and great movies centered around fictional mysteries of the Catholic religion and the Vatican itself.  I loved the movies and look forward to the next one.

The one thing that I take away from Big Love is,  God, how does Bill (Paxton) Hendrickson stand it?  I would go running off screeming in the middle of the night having to put up with all that crap. 

I doubt it is any less expensive, but I have practiced polygamy on the installment plan and I can tell you that has sucked too!

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