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Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Thank God for the Cotton Bottom"

Posted By on September 20, 2009, 10:39 AM

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After watching the Utes stumble all over themselves and squander numerous opportunities to beat Oregon, the next question was, now what do I do?---

I have DirecTV and because of a fight over money, Comcast has yanked Versus from DirecTV so the BYU game was not available to me at home.  I called my favorite place in the world, The Cotton Bottom, and asked if they had cable and were going to get the BYU game.  Terry said, "Yes, come on down"  I don't have to have any special excuse to go to the "Bottom" as it is the best place in the world and only place to get the real deal Garlic Burger.

I admit that I was a bit depressed after watching the Utes self distruct so the beer was welcome to be sure. When I got there the place was virtually empty and I thought I was in a time warp.  I asked Terry and her husband Ryan who were on duty yesterday, where was everybody?  They figured with all that was going on people had other things to do. I had the whole bar to myself.  Others started to drift in slowly but I had the prime bar stool infront of the TV. The cloud started to lift after my first glass of Blue Moon and as the Noles started to beat BYU on every play, my depression drifted away.  As soon as I had the coveted Garlic Burger in front of me and Blue Moons lined up for the full 4 quarters I soon forgot about the Utes disaster and wound up enjoying a wonderful afternoon.

It doesn't get any better than the Cotton Bottom, Garlic Burger and beers with the Y getting their heads handed to them on their own turf.  AAHHHHHHHH........life is good!


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