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Thursday, September 10, 2009

"I Know Everything" Podcast

Posted By on September 10, 2009, 9:40 AM

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As podcasts pick up for us and more content hits the weekly streams, we're finding shows taking on and changing broadcast formats and making them their own with topics that are either too taboo or rarely hit radio. Such is the show we're looking into today.

--- The boldly titled “I Know Everything” podcast takes the old standard of guys sitting around and talking over drinks, and bravely records the results. Exploring subjects like sex, childhood torment, haunted urban exploration, recreational drug use, social politics, personal standards, Amsterdam, drunkenness and as many points along the way as they can while dissecting the thoughts behind it all. I got to chat with hosts Adam Sherlock and Levi Lebo about the show, and for this interview the happy duo went out and got some photos done of themselves. Enjoy!

Adam Sherlock & Levi Lebo


Gavin: Hey guys, first off, tell us a little about yourselves.

Adam: I am a guy who enjoys the finer things in life, like a sophisticated volley of word play or the occasional dick joke. I am married and have two dogs. I like Indian food and cheap beer. I have a secret love of angry riot girl music. I am an appreciator of the early works of Chevy Chase.

Levi: 31 years old. Addicted to music. Love’s basketball. Tattooed but couldn’t give a fuck about tattoo culture. Probably seen every episode of saved by the bell and family matters. Loves to cook. Neutered. Can’t give up sneakers. Wishes he had chiseled features. Doesn’t mind watching chick flicks with his beautiful wife. Does not take himself seriously at all. Horrible story teller, but likes to think he’s getting better. Smokes too much. Love’s Nico, Honey, & Scratch. Wants to be independently wealthy.

Gavin: Just a quick recap Adam, how's A Damn Podcast been going lately?

Adam: A Damn Movie Podcast is going really well. We have been branching out to include local filmmakers in the last few episodes, plus tons of special guests.

Gavin: How did the two of you meet and eventually become friends?

Levi: I think we became friends right when we met. We met at the place of my first employment, Denny’s. I think I ordered a club sandwich

Adam: Someone had the two of us meet because they thought we should start a band together. This was in the hardcore punk scene in 1995. If only they knew what they were starting.

Gavin: Where did the idea of starting this new podcast come from?

Adam: It was really Levi’s idea. I initially was reluctant, as I didn’t see a way to make a new show that was any different than ADMP, but it quickly came into it’s own.

Levi: I became a huge fan of A Damn Movie Podcast and was jealous that I wasn’t podcasting. I wanted to hear more of the rambling in the podcast, so I pitched it to Adam that we should do one, luckily he felt it was worth his time.

Gavin: Levi, how was it for you coming in and doing this show with no experience in podcasting?

Levi: I don’t need experience to do anything. I’ll do whatever at the drop of a hat. But there is a flow that you need that takes a few time to get into the groove, it’s more about impressing myself than anything.

Gavin: Is it difficult balancing the two shows or have you found a way to make both work out?

Adam: It is actually pretty easy, as both shows have a set format that is fairly concrete now. ADMP is set up like a variety show, where there is a movie review, a song by a local band, a film festival review, a song by a band, and then the top five list. IKE is more free form and episodic throughout each show.

Gavin: How did the first episode recording go for you, both good and bad?

Adam: We tried to follow a similar format to my first podcast, but found almost immediately that it didn’t fit our tone. After some strategic editing, the voice of the show really shone through.

Levi: The only thing I don’t like about the first episode is we didn’t have the format when we recorded it, so a lot got edited out because we wanted a different direction, and when you start anything out you shoot for the stars and hit the roof. Now I believe we will reach the stars. Hopefully riding a black Pegasus.

Gavin: In listening to the episodes it seems as if there isn't a set format, more of a conversation between friends. What is the usual process behind the episodes?

Levi: We never prepare. Not that we’re elitists, but that’s the point. If we edit ourselves during the flow, what do you have? Crap, that’s what. We will have all the ideas stored in our brains, and discuss when we get together. And with our guests, it’s an opportunity to get new stories about subjects we think are interesting or funny. It’s nice to be in the driver’s seat but not have to run the car.

Adam: Throughout the week, we both just try to think of things we would like to talk about, and when we get together, one of us starts with something and we just see where it goes. We also never talk to an audience. I wanted it to become as natural as possible. The chapters are even named and announced by a computer voice, so it is never us directly addressing anyone.

Gavin: How do you end up choosing the guests to bring in for the show?

Adam: Just whatever friend we thought would be funny to have on.

Levi: Friends; straight up. We might venture out of that though. We have some guerrilla ideas that might get us some prestigious Podcasting awards.

Gavin: In listening, sex becomes a frequent topic. When it does do you aim to make it a more adult discussion about certain topics, or more of comparing experiences?

Levi: I think it’s both. We are very interested in adult humor. It’s really not about shock value though. I’m not trying to shock anyone. In our group of friends, sex talk has always been in the gutter. It must be in our blood, it’s an easy comedic target. Most people don’t discuss the missionary position with their friends, let alone Cleveland steamers. We’re that support group.

Adam: I think that for us, we always talked candidly about our experiences and without trying to be boastful. In a lot of ways, it’s like revealing some stupid story from childhood. While it can be embarrassing, it is also liberating and almost an art form to divulge information in all it’s gory detail.

Gavin: When editing, are you giving the audience the bulk of the show like most podcasts, or is it more highlights of the conversation?

Adam: Most of our shows are between two and a half to three hours, and then I edit it down to usually an hour and a half. I go for the most interesting exchanges, or at the very least, the most shocking and funny stuff.

Gavin: What's been the reaction you've gotten from people since starting the show?

Levi: It seems like people like it. No hate mail, so that’s good enough for me. I’m sure there are people out there that are cleaning their first press Daydream Nation LP that are scoffing at us under their ironic turned serious mustache.

Adam: People seem to genuinely enjoy it. I think people really dig the level of honesty. The one common thing I think that we get is that people are shocked at the level of shit that we talk.

Gavin: Are there any plans to do more with the show down the road, or are you enjoying the way its working out right now?

Adam: We are going to be moving into some videocasts in the near future, and Levi thinks we should do a live show, but I honestly don’t know how that would work. I rely on my edits too much.

Levi: I like the way it is, but we’ve talked about guerrilla and video podcasting. But it would be innovative, not just a video of us talking.

Gavin: Going more local, what are your thoughts on the podcasts coming out of Utah these days, both good and bad?

Levi: I haven’t really heard a bad one in my scene. The Utah Jazz one sucks ass though. I think Andy Patterson should do one about music gear.

Adam: I like The Geek Show Podcast, although I am not quite up to snuff on a lot of the shit that they talk about. I love Brian Staker’s Awkward Hour, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. We need to stick together and combined our audiences

Gavin: Aside the obvious answer, do you have any favorite local shows you'd recommend?

Levi: Podcasts? I think they are all doing better than we are, so they don’t need my plug. I like KRCL in general more lately. I love Radio West.

Gavin: Where do you see the medium going both locally and nationally over the next few years?

Levi: Well, I’m sure there’s plenty of “talk show” style ones out there… I don’t know. Maybe people will start doing more studio quality radio programs, like when radio ruled the world.

Adam: I think that Podcasts are just hitting their stride. It mutated from big studios giving us their version of “reality” to the masses themselves becoming producers and giving their own version of reality. I love it. I think it will just get bigger and better.

Gavin: What can we expect from the both of you and the show the rest of the year?

Adam: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We just recently procured about five theme songs from our listeners. We are told that we are going to receive a few more. I want to have a hundred theme songs.

Levi: You can expect me to be 60 lbs. lighter than when we started. You can expect me to be way less drunk, and maybe more stoned. I think the show will keep in the same format without much change through the rest of the year. We’ll up the ante next year.

Gavin: Is there anything you'd like to plug or promote?

Levi: I think more people should listen to The Constantines. I’d like to plug the mouths of crazy conservatives with a frozen piece of shit.

Adam: I just want to thank the tireless work of our Ombudsman, Charlemagne H. St. Linus, who has helped us reach the masses.


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