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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Whiskey for the horses, health care for everybody"

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It's been a while, but for about 15 minutes tonight I felt there was actually some hope for this country and it's future.---

I'm an Independant.  I moved to Utah in 1971 as a California Republican.  I found out that a California Republican was a Utah Democrat and a Utah Republican was a facist.  That's when I gave up on party politics and for that I am thankful to the Utah Republican party.

I liked Reagan even though he has his own problems like Iran-Contra, Ollie North and others.  Reagan had the guts to come on TV and apologize to the American people for being less than forth coming about that.  I voted for Bush in 2000 because I was tired of Al Gore and Bush seemed like a guy I could have a beer with and a few laughs.  Same can be said about Bill Clinton.  I liked this guy from Arkansas who played the sax, wore shades and seemed kind of cool.  With the exception of the Monica nonsense, Clinton was a good President and left the office and country in fairly good shape.

Bush turned out to be a disaster and did more damage to this country than any President in memory.  Now we have Barack Obama, who I voted for with great expectations following on the heels of the past 8 years of BS.  Obama has been in office 235 days and he inherited an economy that had collapsed, two wars of which neither is winnable in a conventionable sense and has as his main priority, reforming health care.  His address tonight to a joint session of Congress and the American people was great.  I thought he said just the right things and really took head on the lies and distortions that have been the daily specials on CLUSTER FOX and the herd of right-wing-nuts on Talk Radio. 

This is the first time in my memory that a President was heckled during a speech in this setting.  Rep Joe Wilson R-(retard) South Carolina yelled, "YOU LIE", when Obama was debunking lies about his proposals including that illegal immigrants would not be covered by insurance.  I found this outburst from a member of Congress to be both amusing and disrespectful.  The President ended his speech and I actually felt good about how he delivered it and it's content.

I had hope, but could I just leave it there and go to bed? No, I had to turn on FOX just to see how long it would take for them to deconstruct the Presidents speech and make him out to be a lying socialist who wants to kill Grandma, run the insurance companys out of business and have government take over the healthcare system completely.  That and Rep. Wilson have shoved me back into the funk of anger and disgust that this country is not being served by elected officials but being run purely by partisan politicians and the special interest groups that continue to shovel money into their coffers.

Do we give up?  We can't with so much at stake.  So just wait till tomorrow to listen and read about two different speeches and countries.  It is "Us VS "Them".....again.  You have to decide which you are.

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