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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


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Is it the number of the beast upside down? … and ode to the Beatles Revolution #9? …Hitler’s “Nein! Nein! Nein!” rant from Inglorious Basterds? ---

Nope, it’s 9 “Top Nine” lists on Sept. 9th 2009.

The only way to view this list without sending me a grundle of hate email, is to remember that it is MY list. While I can defend each choice with some fact and some passion, it is a biased list… as you will clearly see. List #1 Top 9 NFL Quarterbacks of all time Notice, all of my QBs have won at least 2 championships. 9. Tom Brady 8. Troy Aikman 7. Bob Griese 6. Johnny Unitas 5. Roger Staubach 4. John Elway 3. Bart Starr 2. Terry Bradshaw 1. Joe Montana

List #2 Top 9 reasons to watch the US Open this week.
Nadal & Federer have played two of the best matches I have seen in my life. I am hoping for a 3rd.
9. John McEnroe
8. Caroline Wozniacki
7. Novak Djokovic
6. John McEnroe
5. Serena Williams
4. John McEnroe
3. Kim Clijsters
2. Melanie Oudin
1. Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer

List #3 Top 9 Beatles Albums
This list was harder than you might imagine. First it was Revolver, then Abbey Road… and so on.
9. Please Please Me
8. Magical Mystery Tour
7. Help!
6. Rubber Soul
5. Let it Be
4. White Album
3. Revolver
2. Abbey Road
1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

List #4 Nine Reasons Fantasy Football Rules
Yes. I am in fact, a fantasy football geek.
9. Makes Denver / Oakland games almost palatable.
8. You can root for injuries and not feel bad.
7. It’s 9 times better than watching golf.
6. You actually care about a kicker.
5. Trash talk with impunity.
4. You can have Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson.
3. When your fantasy team wins and your real team loses, it softens the blow.
2. Draft night.

List #5 Top 9 Ridiculous Things to do on 9/9/09
To be honest, I didn’t even remember what day it was until noon, and I was invited to the wedding (sort of).
9. oohhh this is spooky. Where’s #9???
8. Pay no attention, it’s just another day
7. Take a photo of yourself at 9:09 pm.
6. Go see the Tim Burton flick “9”
5. Listen to Revolution #9… nine times in a row…
4. … then take 9 aspirin.
3. Be born! Nobody will forget your birthday.
2. Buy the Beatles box set, released on 9/9/9
1. Get married, like my friends Nico & Eric just did. Congratulations!

List #6 Top 9 Most Hated Basketball Players
They are so easy to hate. They travel, they foul, they talk trash when they lose and none of them hold a candle to Bill Russell.
9. Brett Favre. Ya, I know he’s a football player. I hate him that much.
8. Larry Bird
7. Ron Artest
6. Reggie Miller
5. Dennis Rodman
4. Shaquille O’Neal
3. Rasheed Wallace
2. Bill Laimbeer
1. Kobe Bryant

List #7 The 9 Greatest Baseball Players Ever.
Pete Rose is on the list because he was great. Period.
9. Pete Rose
8. Stan Musial
7. Lou Gehrig
6. Joe DiMaggio
5. Willie Mays / Roberto Clemente
4. Ted Williams
3. Hank Aaron
2. Mickey Mantle
1. Babe Ruth

List #8 Top 9 Greatest Sports Teams of All Time
Remember, it’s according to me. Which is the only way the Giants wind up on any “Greatest Teams” list anywhere. I love then for who they are, since I can’t love them for what they’ve done.
9. San Francisco Giants
8. 1980 USA Hockey Team
7. The Hated Dallas Cowboys
6. The Hated Los Angeles Lakers
5. UCLA Bruins Basketball
4. Pittsburgh Steelers
3. Boston Celtics
2. The Hated New York Yankees
1. San Francisco 49ers

List #9 My Nine Childhood Heroes
Above all these heroes, were my brothers. All three, were separate unique heroes to me.
9. Bette Davis
8. Humphrey Bogart
7. Sarah Vaughan
6. John Wooden
5. Marlon Brando
4. Jimi Hendrix
3. Jack Kerouac
2. Willie Mays
1. John Lennon

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