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Monday, September 7, 2009


Posted By on September 7, 2009, 2:25 PM

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If I was a kid I would whine, cry, stamp my feet and demand to stay home tomorrow.---

Now that Obama haters have gone off the deep end with all the bluster about how President Barack Hussian Obama wants to "indoctrinate" our children by talking to them while they're locked in their respective government funded%uFFFDlearning cells, the kids are are going....YEA!

As far as kids are concerned, getting another day off before having to start school is a good thing.%uFFFD They will love it and who gets the credit for extending the holiday?%uFFFD Yep....President Barack Obama.%uFFFD Do you see how this can backfire on the idiot parents who are so stupid and filled with hate for Obama that they want their kids to stay home.%uFFFD You hear some of these zelots say that they will keep their little ones home and teach them about the Constitution and Bill of Rights and other things they should know.%uFFFD Things like hate is good and making crap up about how the President is out to destroy the United States of America and maybe force them to watch CLUSTER FOX News and listen to Rush, Hannity and Beck, who has the I.Q. of a stool sample, and stuff.

Then you have the Talk Show gas-bags screaming how Obama is doing something "unpresidented" by targeting kids in school to push his socialist, communist, Marxist agenda.%uFFFD Forgetting that other Presidents had already done this including "W's" daddy.%uFFFD Oh....does anybody remember where "W" was on 9/11/2001?%uFFFD He was in an elementary school class reading "My Pet Goat" to the children.%uFFFD You don't hear any of todays parental nut-balls talking about that or the fact that it took a full 7 minutes for then President Bush to react after being told by Andrew Card that the country was under attack.%uFFFD 7 MINUTES!%uFFFD The only plausible%uFFFDexplaination for him not moving for 7 minutes after being told of what happened is that he was afraid he would soil himself if he moved!%uFFFD


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