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Friday, September 4, 2009

"The President of the United States, Bar...lalalalal"

Posted By on September 4, 2009, 12:10 PM

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"Whew".......for a moment there, I thought Utah was the only place where crazies congragated.---

I expected Gayle Ruzika and her nutty band of loons to screech from their perches over the youtube video "I pledge" that played last week, but the uproar over Obama's scheduled speech to school children through out the country next Tuesday from various states, politicians, school boards, teacher unions, parents and pundits is astounding and a bit disheartening.

Spirited political debate is healthy but the days of debate have long gone as we now live in a truly divided country.  We used to be a country united by common goals, values, aspirations, wants, needs and desires for our children and the future.  Now we are two countries comprised of "Us" and "Them".

You have to figure out if your are an "Us or "Them".  I know that I am one of "Us" because I can see and hear "Them" rant on and on like lunatics over everything "Us" are for.  Alright, I just confused myself because I think I might just be one of "Them".  How do you know?  I guess the only way to figure out what you are is to use the "Obama-meter".  Here is how it works, when you hear his name or see his picture you start to shake your head and start screaming about your health care, taxes, unemployment, head lice, gopher holes, swine flu...You are one of "Us".  On the other hand if you see his picture or hear his name you start to blush, giggle, squeel, clasp your hands and drop to your knees, complain that you can't get health insurance, yadayada.  Your one of "Them". 

"Us'ns" know that he is using Hitler like propaganda tactics to indoctronate our children to become socialist, communist, Marxist automotons who will work for the state and do his bidding.  If you don't believe me just listen to any of the syndicated gas-bags on Talk Radio or watch CLUSTER FOX News.  They will explain it to you in detail.....long drawn out madeup crappola detail!

I don't want anything to do with Obama and socialism.  I want my country back.  Just don't mess with my Medicare, Medicade, Police, Fire, roads, military, air traffic control system, railroads, postal service, sewer, garbage pickup, street lights, sidwalks, curb and gutters, storm drains, parks, schools, FDIC, homeland security and maybe a couple of other things.  Who needs socialism when we have the best system in the world?

Our only hope lies in Sarah Palin and her new Reality Show.......What?  She just quit! Never mind.


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