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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Main Street Plaza: Problem Solved!

Multiple Choice: What measure has the LDS Church finally taken to deal with its Main Street Plaza P.R. disaster? (Select one:) ---

Sand Snipes

Two minutes of fun on the beach in a throwback to what made '80s movies great (for a teenage boy).--- A new YouTube short movie features mediocre acting, bikini-clad (and then less clad) women, tanned and toned guys, and a somewhat funny punchline.

TV Tonight: Hank & The Middle

Besides Eastwick (hot witches ... but that's all), the only other weak spot in ABC's Wednesday-night lineup debuts tonight: Hank, starring Kelsey Grammer. It's utterly unwatchable--and this is coming from a guy (perhaps the only guy) who actually saw The Beautiful Life (TBL, RIP).

"The sky didn't fall....I'll drink to that!"

I hate to say I told you so but......I TOLD YOU SO!--- The first part of that is pure bullshit.  We love to be able to say, "I told you so".  It makes us feel smart.  Of course the degree of smartness that we feel is directly porportional to what you were so precient about. If you tell your friend that if he jumps off the garage roof wearing a towel as a cape, he will probably break his neck or something and when he does the "I told you so" doesn't have much weight.

All the Ladies in the House

I try not to make fun of the WNBA… --- For several reasons.

SLC Cold Cases

Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank has announced a new strategy in tackling the city’s long unsolved murders one that involves engaging the media and the public periodically to revisit the department’s cases where the leads have simply dried up. “This new strategy will regularly bring Cold Cases before the media and the public, and hopefully together we can shake loose that piece of evidence, that one bit of testimony that will solve these cases,"--- says Chief Chris Burbank in a press release released today.

Kid Theodore Wants YOU

Utah natives Kid Theodore up and left us for the bright lights of Los Angeles, but they'll be back next week for two homecoming shows Oct. 9 and 10. Stay tuned for a more detailed update on these events.

Moore trauma

The woman was screaming in my face. Her daughter stood beside her, staring at the ground.

Could this be my ticket into the book of quotations?

As I was messing around on a news aggregation site I was surprised to discover that I was recently quoted! (Yeah, yeah, yeah -- laugh all you want.

Raising Kayn

While the conventional area to find a series would be television, the idea of developing a web series has attracted thousands from writers to actors to production hands. Those who would have headed to California years ago instead are honing their craft and building their resume from their home town with just their talents, some equipment and an internet connection.

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