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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Torture, The American Way.

Posted By on August 25, 2009, 3:08 PM

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War crimes to defend our freedom.---

I refuse to dwell on the details of yesterday's Inspector General report on torture of supposed terrorists by Americans. I refuse to debate it, or even deeply study it. I read it once, quickly, and that is enough. Anybody who wants to argue differently, or who actually thinks they can justify the torture, please apply to BYU's law school.

What American soldiers and CIA operatives did to fight terrorism is shameful. It should embarrass every single American. A small sampling of torture methods approved for use in the post-9/11 world were interrogation techniques like mock executions, pointing guns at the heads of detainees, and beating a teacher with the butt of a gun in front of 200 students. Oh, and threatening to kill the children of a suspected terrorist. Or, in a real downward spiral, threatening to rape their mothers, wives and daughters. In front of them. Repeatedly.

At this point, Americans have a couple of choices. Read the report. Or, retreat to your pre-drawn conclusions and listen to the talking head of choice to confirm those conclusions.

Frankly, I would urge a reading of the report. This is not a partisan issue, regardless of who was running the country. Simply by searching for gray areas in torture laws, or by justifying it with the war on terror, we failed as Americans. Instead of setting an example of humanity's best possibilities, we provided a model for dictators.

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