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Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Hey Barack...You Won Already!"

Posted By on August 23, 2009, 11:21 AM

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I like Obama and like a new car after a few months, while I still like the car, it has lost some of the luster.---

Would someone please tell Obama, HE WON!  He not only won but his party controls the House, Senate and the White House.  If he wanted to anything, he could.  Pull all American troops out of the Middle East, or Europe for that matter.  He could. 

What amazes me is that he can't even get his own party to play nice.  All this bull shit about health care is a no brainer.  The Democrats can't even come up with any cohesive plan.  Obama seems more worried what Cluster FOX and the right-wing-nuts on Talk Radio are blathering, or in Glenn Beck's case, crying about.  Who give's a shit what they think.  Obama could say, "It's a lovely day", and the aformentioned Dickheads would spend their alloted hours telling the world that Obama was wrong about the day citing chapter and verse the drumbeat of garbage that it was not only a lousy day but tomorrow will be worse thanks to Obama!

It's time for Obama to take a page out of the Bush book, and I'm not talking about the one he colors in, show some balls and state what you want and ignore those who don't like it and just do it!  YOU WON,  stop campaigning.  You are a Democrat and half the country didn't vote for you so why do you think you have to make everybody love you.  I want you to lead and be President, that's your job.

We'll decide in time just what kind of President you are, but first you have to start being the President!

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