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Monday, August 17, 2009

"District 9.....From Outer Space"

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I don't often do movie reviews as there are experts to do that, however there are very special occasions that I can't resist.---

I love movies and the more action and adventure the better.  I guess I am not qualified to be called a "Geek" because there have been some Sci-fi flix lately that have pushed the exit bar on the escape door before closing credits could even start.  I loved the original Transformers and found it entertaining.  I couldn't wait to see the second. Big mistake......

It sucked so bad that I was embarrassed for the cast.  If it wasn't for Megan Fox I would have left as soon as I ran out of Raisinets.

Now I see why the Producers would not let any critics even get a glimpse of "District 9".  This has to be one of the suckiest movies since "Plan 9 From Outer Space".

G. I. Joe was bad but tolerable.  I would put it in the mildly amusing catagory.  I cannot think of a category for District 9.  Let me save you $7.00. 

The story line has some huge space ship that must have blown a tire or something hovering over a spot in, So. Africa, not Australia. Like who gives a shit! Now where was I...oh yea, for 20 years and the inhabitants of this ship have taken up residence in what has developed into a giant slum that resembles parts of Slum Dog Millionaire.  These really ugly aliens resemble giant shrimp and are called Prawns by the authorities who keep them penned in this gigantic slum.  The "Prawns" love cat food and that is what they feed them. What makes this even more silly is the aliens are basically stupid and pose no threat.  I kept wondering how such an advanced race could construct such a huge space ship capable of wandering the galaxy and end up living in a gigantic slum for 20 years?  None of this movie makes a wit of sense.

I'll save you the suspense.....our reluctant hero, a human, morphs into an alien and is making little flowers out of the lids of cat food cans to leave on the door step of his former wife who doesn't know what happened to him....THE END....thank God!.  I will continue to give you my take on movies I see and if we disagree thats your problem not mine!

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