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Friday, August 14, 2009

"Becker on draft"

Posted By on August 14, 2009, 4:12 PM

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Mayor Ralph Becker has been almost like a stealth politician following on the bombastic heels of Rocky Anderson.---

I loved Rocky because he shook things up and said a lot of things people were afraid to say.  His passion for Salt Lake City and wanting to make it a real city was great.  I didn't always agree with Rocky but he did a lot of good things for Salt Lake City and Utah.

I honestly felt Mayor Becker would be much less innovative and a lot quieter on city issues.  Boy was I wrong.  Ralphy wants to continue my never ending quest to "Legalize Adulthood" in Salt Lake City by attacking the stupid ordinances restricting bars or restaurants that serve alcohol to no more than two per block downtown.

Mayor Becker said that it's time Salt Lake City start acting like a real city and allow establishments that sell adult beverages to grow in number and locate where ever they wish helping downtown grow up and business flourish.

The only problem is there are no more licenses to be had and it will be up to the Legislature to change the ridiculus quota system of licensing in Utah.  Without Huntsman here and Waddoups still here the chances of getting the shadow government to go along with making things better in this area are slim.

Our only hope is that the LDS Church's $500 million investment in downtown will help them have a revelatiion that growth will help insure their investment's success.  This should be a very entertaining Legislative session next time around.  Stay tuned.....

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