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Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Texting?...Why not smoke signals?"

Posted By on August 13, 2009, 11:35 AM

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This is a tragic story that didn't have to happen and blaming it on stupidity is stupid!---

I'm sure that this kid, Reggie Shaw, is not a killer at heart however he killed two people because he was "Texting" while driving.  This is now against the law and starting to be enforced.  It is not easy to enforce but authorities are trying.

The part of this story that makes my head want to explode is the statement made by Reggie after pleading guilty to negligent homicide in the deaths of two Cache Valley residents.  Here we have this young man with great potential to become a productive member of society blubbering threw his tears in front of the widows of the victims that, "Nobody taught me how dangerous this was"!

You have to be taught that to drive a 5000 lb hunk of metal at speeds well over 60 MPH down the highway requires skill, attention and brains?  You can multitask all you want in your room with your Ipod, Xbox 360, laptop, blackberry, hair curler, toe nail clipper while applying zit cream, but when you drive a car you have to pull your head out of your ass.

This didn't have to happen and it has been reported repeatedly that driving while just talking on a cell phone, much less texting, is more dangerous than driving drunk.

Personally I think texting is stupid.  Here you have a perfectly good phone that you can use to tell your friend or whoever that you are going to the mall, or will be late for work-class-arobics-dinner whatever but NO.....you have to twiddle you're thumbs to tap out some strange language to someone. 

I was pushing a shopping cart in the store the othe day when these two skinny zit factories were wandering down the isle thumbing up a storm and not seeing anything else around them.  Including my shopping cart that they walked right into.  I saw them coming and didn't try to avoid them and let them crash into me.  I said something like, "Hey!" and they didn't even acknowledge that they walked into my shopping cart and continued thumbing on their stupid way.

Texting is no different than using a conventional hardwired phone to tap out morris code to the person on the other end of the line.  Anybody who texts while not sitting down is a fucking idiot!  Those who try and drive while texting are a public menace and should loose their license as well as their phones.  DUI and TWD should be treated the same.

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