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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Straight talk about tattoos with the D-News

Posted By on August 12, 2009, 4:51 PM

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Known for always keeping it real, D-News' writer Doug Robinson gives us a cautionary tale as to why teens should reconsider getting a tattoos.---

As Doug notes, “by the time you're 23, you're not the same person you were at 17, as difficult as that is to imagine at this stage in life.” Wow, the wisdom of Robinson is breathtaking, isn't it? But he's right; you MAY want to wait until you're 23 to get a tattoo.

Referring to a most unfortunate incident with a girl he names Lisa, Doug explains some unforeseen consequences of getting a tattoo.

“She is in what is known as the REAL WORLD, which means she has to keep the tattoo under wraps when she's at work, which isn't always easy with today's midriff-revealing styles.” Good point Doug. The tattoo was on her back, which means that, most of the time, her tattoo will be covered. But if she wants to work at Bikini Cuts, forget it! They want women who can cut in their bikinis, not display the worldliness that a tattoo brings.

And no doubt working at the D-news qualifies Doug to know what the REAL WORLD is like. (we at City Weekly live in a FAKE WORLD). He knows that if you have a tattoo, you're SOL on getting a job on staff at his newspaper. And, as we all know, what is true for the D-News is true for every other business operation in the United States. Even here at City Weekly, if you have a tattoo, we WILL NOT EVEN CONSIDER YOU for a position on the D-News staff.

Doug also notes that tattoo removal is painful and very expensive. He is right—and it's a travesty that too many people only remove tattoos to replace them with another one. You would think these tattoo people would learn their lesson! If only Doug's wisdom could be apprehended better by these misguided folks.


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