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Friday, August 7, 2009

"I've got some extra food storage space"

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Hard times call for tough decisions.---

I know that Utah like all states have been struggling with budgets and how to pay for stuff both needed and wanted.  Where do you cut and who get's the shortest end of the stick.  People who depend on the state for health care who are in dire straites themselves are trying to get the state to not shut them out from much needed assistance.

The state is doing it's best to figure out how to do all these things including educating our children.  In that regard, Utah is dead last in the country in per pupil spending.  To pour salt into the wounds, the Legislature a couple of years back changed the rules regarding school districts and the formula for allowing the various districts to levy taxes.  Now we have plummeting housing values and rising property taxes. Splitting the Jordan District now seems to be not such a good idea. This has everybody up in arm's and rightfully so. 

To the rescue comes Energy Solutions with a huge bribe for the state.  If Utah will stop it legal action to keep Italian radioactive waste out of the state, Energy Solutions will give the state 50% of what they would be charging to store this glowing goo.  That could amount to $500 million over a 10 year period on a mear 4.3 acres of their 439 acre dump site.  That means Energy Solutions would be charging these foreign company's $100 million a year for storage. My calculator won't go up this high but I think that works out to some $25million a year per acre.  And it isn't even beach front property!

To listen to Steve Creamer CEO this is just low level radioactive crap and we shouldn't have any concern that it will sit out there in the west desert and continue to grow hotter with each passing day for the next 10,000 years.  It struck me that if this stuff was so benign why would these crazy Italians spend such a huge amount to get it as far away from their country as possible?

What the hell.....I've got some room in my basement and for the right amount I would be happy to babysit their glowing goo. Who knows, it might be a plus killing bugs and other creepy crawley things.

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