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Friday, August 7, 2009

"Don't blame me...GOD did it!"

Posted By on August 7, 2009, 2:05 PM

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Why has it taken so long to admit the obvious?---

The American Psychological Association has finally declared that Shrinks should stop trying to "fix" gay clients and make them straight!

Astounding.......these people supposedly have been studying the human psyche for hundreds of years and just now figured out that you can't teach a fish to ride a bicycle!%uFFFD To listen to these gay bashers over the years shouting from the rooftops that gays choose to be gay and should just stop it are the ones proven to be in need of some psychological reparative therapy.

Every time I get into this discussion I would ask the person contending that gays choose to be gay, just when did he or she choose to be heterosexual?%uFFFD NOTHING.....no answer other than an occasional lame, "well it's just unnatural and goes against Gods plan".%uFFFD I have a quick news flash for all of you.%uFFFD God has no plan for you or anybody else.%uFFFD

The best and funniest answer to the question, "When did you choose to be heterosexual" came from Gayle Ruzka.%uFFFD She said, "On my wedding night".%uFFFD WHAT!%uFFFD I said, "You didn't know if you were gay or straight until your wedding night?"%uFFFD Boy I wonder how that made her hubby feel.%uFFFD I guess she really wanted to prove her%uFFFDpoint having 12 kids!%uFFFD

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