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Monday, August 31, 2009

Mormon Disneyland

The Mormon Church public relations is so effective at suppressing bad news that they can't even deliver good news for their organization in a genuine way.--- The MoBlog keeps rolling, distributing conversational news to a public hungry for More Mo! in their own 2.0 awesomeness.

"Special" rights for homophobes

I've had a weekend to think about Utah Governor Gary Herbert's "blue-eyed blondes" gaffe and an entirely new frame to this story--both beautiful and hideous--jumped out at me. By opposing a gay- and trans-inclusive anti-discrimination ordinance, members of the Utah Legislature want to maintain special rights currently given to homophobes and heterosexists.

Why You Should Watch Monday Night Football part 1

Well, tonight, maybe you shouldn’t… --- Unless, like me you want to see the hit that finally puts Traitor Vike, Brett Favre out of his misery.


I know it's the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock Music Festival in Max Yasgar's farm but....--- Can somebody tell me just what Demitri Martin and this movie, "Taking Woodstock" means?  What was the purpose of making a movie that didn't really have a thing to do with the actual event which defined a generation.  Who does Demitri Martin know that he can actually get work on Comedy Central, much less roles in movies?

This Just In! Breaking Concert News

Well this is a pleasant surprise: Arrington de Dionyso (Old Time Relijun) will be performing a special gig at Captain Captain art studios tonight at dusk.--- The charismatic frontman was originally scheduled to play Kilby Court tomorrow night but canceled a few weeks ago. Dead Meadow will be appearing in his place - a very worthy alternative.

Donald Duck, Meet Howard the Duck

Disneyland, get ready for a "Doctor Strange Adventure." Pixar, prepare your animators to enter the world of the Inhumans. Disney has a whole new mess of toys to play with.

Juliette Is The Sun?

Juliette Lewis is definitely one of the more successful examples of Hollywood actresses turned musicians. Nitty, gritty, soulful and hella flexible, she puts on one hell of a live show.--- Her dynamic stage presence didn't translate to Red Butte Garden's bucolic setting two weeks ago when she opened for The Pretenders.

SLC Healthcare Rally

If misinformation about the healthcare system gives you the shakes, sudden anger and outrage and the need to shout for change, then today’s healthcare rally is the prescription for you.--- Salt Lake’s Everybody-In group is hosting a rally today at the Salt Lake City Library Square, come rally, here a keynote address from Dr. Joe Jarvis, director of the Utah Healthcare Initiative and round out the evening with a free screening of Michael Moore’s film Sicko.

Dr. Volt's

While we tend to interview a lot of local artists and writers involved with comics, we sometimes forget that without the local shops giving them a chance to be featured, we'd never see them. So today we're going to look at one of the more prominent places in town.

Sports Talk Shakeup

Things seemed a little bit off as I tuned in my weekend sports radio. The voices on KJQS 1230 AM -- the KFNZ 1320 sister-station that provided ESPN Radio programming when it wasn't broadcasting Salt Lake Bees games -- weren't the same.

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