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Friday, July 31, 2009

Beer Me! 2

Posted By on July 31, 2009, 12:19 PM

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By all accounts the "Great Beer Bust" at the White House was a success.  That means nobody got carded, thrown out for disorderly conduct, DUI, or threw up.  --- I was a little surprised to see Joe Biden show up as he was not invited innitially and showing the harsh economic times we live in, the munchies were nothing more than some peanuts and pretzels.

That's the best the White House could do?  Pretzels?  If Bush were still in office I could picture a huge BBQ with half a steer on a spit with pots of beans and hard boiled eggs.  I could even invision Karl Rove with an apron on slathering the spit with BBQ sauce.  Ah....for the good old days.

What I found more disturbing was Obama's choice of beer.  Bud Light?  Gates had Sam Adams and Lt. Crowley had Blue Moon while Biden had some non-alcoholic yik!  Now there is nothing wrong with Bud Light and in fact when I can't get a Provo Girl I'll have a Bud Light Lime.  I prefer Corona however with a real lime.  The disturbing part of this was being reminded that "The King of Beers" is no longer an American product.  Budsweiser sold the company to some Belgium/Netherlands/Slovinea/Muldivea/Hossenfeffer Incorporated group.

I loved the Bud commercials more than any other on TV.  The Clydesdales playing football, the tryout for Hank the Clydesdale who didn't make the cut and went into a Rocky style training program and made it, the little donky who wanted to be one of the big guys and was rewarded for his efforts leading the hitch.  Everything about the Budweiser commercials exuded America and the picture of the hitch crossing over the bridge in their Christmas commercial was the best thing about the holidays.

I don't hold it against Obama for having a "Non-American" brew......I'm still pissed that Budweiser sold out!

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