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Thursday, July 30, 2009

More on Plazagate

Posted By on July 30, 2009, 5:09 PM

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We recently received this comment regarding the Main Street Plaza kiss controversy:--- 

Comment: I was so entertained to read the several articles your paper wrote about the main street kiss and trespass issue. How it was portrayed as just a "peck" on the cheek as the two men were passing through. Quite harmless you conveyed over and over. Just innocent people wandering through and sober as can be. What made it even better was seeing the video and reading the statement by the church, stating that the two individuals were not sober, were groping, making out and causing a scene. They were also argumentative, disorderly and combative, fighting with security. I would hope that if I was drunk, making out and groping my significant other I would be kicked out of the plaza. Way to fact check. Way to be extremely biased based on the fact that one of the parties involved was an employee. Way to show how much you despise the church and will jump at any chance to sully its name. Way to further the belief that your paper is a joke and meant only to advertise the bars downtown.

What I want to know is, where are these people getting their information? The video I saw showed absolutely no "groping" as the LDS Church's statement outrageously claimed. The most affection I saw was a kind of side-to-side hug--hardly the orgy the security guards said they were trying to stop.

If there was naked groping involved, the church would have eagerly released the footage of said groping. Obviously, it never happened, and the whole groping story was a lie spun by the LDS Church's communications officers in order to make the church look like it's being victimized by the big, bad, mean homosexuals. The church plays the victim card so well.

As for being argumentative--hell, yeah, years of bullshit from stupid wannabe-macho homophobes like those security guards tends to make you argumentative. Kinda goes with the territory. It's called "standing up for yourself." Apparently, the church doesn't like it. Which means I hope gays will be doing a lot more of it in the future.

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