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Monday, July 20, 2009

"Moon Walk....HA!"

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Just how long can you keep a hoax going?  today answers the question about the "Moon Landing".....40 years!  It is one of the biggest hoax's ever perpetrated on the world since fat free cookies.

It never happened......The government paid off all parties involved in this elaborate con.  The whole thing was staged on the back lot of some studio.  Just look at the evidence.  Walter Cronkite was supposed to be reporting on the event as it took place and when time came for announcing the "touchdown" of the LEM he couldn't keep himself from laughing!!!

This was all done to keep JFK's pronouncement that we would land a man on the moon in the decade, and wouldn't you know.....this "landing" took place in 1969.  Boy that was close but we made it.  They couldn't even get their pictures right.  The flag was waving all over the place because of the AC on in the studio.  Moon rocks can be gathered from anyone's back yard.  Who is going to prove or disprove they came from the moon. 

Lastly the Moon is flat.  Why do you think we never see the oher side?  Just look at the timing of all this.  Now that the 40th anniversary comes up we are being diverted by the swine flu "epidemic". 

While we are at it, Barack Obama is not a US citizen and global warming is just another hoax being fostered by Al Gore to keep people from asking why he didn't win the Presidency when he got more votes.  He was paid off by Bush supporters who wanted to get him out of Texas.  It's all true.....trust me, now get me another Scotch!

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