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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Am I right or right enough?

Posted By on July 18, 2009, 1:09 PM

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Sen. Bob Bennett has just announced that he is scared to death of not making it out of convention so he can run for another 50 years in the Senate.%uFFFD I know.....he promised to only run for 1 term, he just didn't say which term he was talking about.%uFFFD Could it be the term dinosaurs roamed the earth or the ice age? ---

How do I know this?%uFFFD It's simple, he boldly announced that he was not going to vote for Judge Sonia Sotomayor to be confirmed to the Supreme Court.%uFFFD Bob is a gutsy guy.....he knows full well that she will be confirmed with or without his support but he is scared%uFFFDto death%uFFFDthat he might not make it out of convention so as insurance that the numbnuts who go to the Utah%uFFFDGOP convention recognize Bob as one of "us".%uFFFD He has thrown in some really cheesy bait for the Ruzikatistas to chew on.%uFFFD

Bob has said that he is concerned about Sotomayor's stand on "GUNS", magic word number one, and he also is concerned about judicial activism.%uFFFD Bob is being challenged by candidates who are much further to the right of him so he is't taking any chances.%uFFFD He tossed in crap about the Constitution being "inspired".%uFFFD Another code word for "I'm really one of you".%uFFFD The Constitution was only inspired by a group of very brave and intelligent men who argued their guts out for months before they all became "inspired" to agree.%uFFFD OH....I almost forgot about the Bill of Rights.%uFFFD That inspiration was lost in the mail and took some time to arrive.%uFFFD God I love politics in Utah.%uFFFD Where else can a 3rd string kicker who can't even win a leg wrestling contest with Stephen Colbert actually become a United States Congressman?%uFFFD

Hey Bob, why don't you challenge Chaffetz to a thumb wrestling contest.%uFFFD I bet he would take you up on it.

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