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For those of you who just tuned in, City Weekly contributor Curtis Jensen is currently on the road with Utah's Eagle Twin who are touring in support of the mighty Sunn O))). No one tells it like Curtis.


Gentry tells a tour story that goes something like this:

We're driving and it is somewhere in Georgia on the way to Florida or something and we are in a rental van because we're on like the 3rd van that we've ruined on the tour so it is me and Cache is driving and there is Doug and Chad and I am in the back and the cabinets and the gear are just in the van in the back there are no seats- we are just on the floor of the van and Chad is behind me and there's a bass and some heads and we are going along like at 80 or 90 miles an hour and Cache is driving and then there is kgggaawhap and then the crazy part is then we fish tail back and forth a couple of times and we are just then he hits something and we are off to the side of the road and then I am just in the air but I look behind me over my shoulder and there is all the gear in the air and there is this bass head in the air coming towards me floating and coming towards me and I sort of while I am in the air move it aside and away from my head and then next I know I'm upside down on top of Doug and Chad is in the air his seat just hanging there clipped in and I am up on my shoulders and Cache turns around and just says he says How's my bitches?!


Kgggaawhapfrumpfrumpfrumpfrumpfrumpfrumpfrumpfrumpfrumpfrumpfrumpfrump - What the fuck was - frumpfrumpfrumpfrumpfrump - that? - frumpkrangfrumpgunkfrumkkrangngngngngngngngnfrumpfrump - I don't know - frumpfrumpfrumpthwackgngngngngfrumpfrumpfrump - a chunk of tire just shot out from - frimpfrimpfrimprrrrrrrrgrrrgrrrngngngngnnnnnnnngfrumpfromp - under the back - frompfrompfrompfrompppmmffffrrroommmppppppffrooommmpppfffroommmpp -What the fuck - fffrroooommpppffffrrooommppppppffrrrooommppppffffrooommmmppppppnnkkknnnnppppphphhhththth.

The van is off on the side of the interstate and it is hot and very muggy and all of the cars are whipping past.

Man you want to not drive?

Yeah man, that sounds good- I say.




Fuck the fucking jack just broke!

I am around the front of the van and I come around to the driver's side and there is Tyler out to the side of the rusty old van on his knees in the parking lot pushing as hard as he can on the tire which is at a weird angle and then I can see that there is one lugnut on but the jack is crumpled underneath...

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