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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Stop the Presses....No Really"

Posted By on July 8, 2009, 4:26 PM

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With the non-stop coverage of Michael Jackson's death and memorial, I think we know what his legacy will be.%uFFFD Exposing the media for what it is and it is not news.%uFFFD There was no end to it and the major networks even used their marquee talent to "report", or rather do the play-by-play.%uFFFD As far as I could tell, only NBC had the brains to not involve Brian Williams other than his regular gig on the Nightly News.

It had to be embarrassing for Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson to have to sit there and do this non-stop non-news babble.%uFFFDThis could be expected of the cable news channels who have no shame and all follow in the mold of Geraldo and his Al Capon's vault style of filling TV time with nothing.%uFFFD The only thing Katie and Charlie didn't do is wander off at the end of their endless reporting whistling.

The only true news source left to anybody with a brain is "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart".%uFFFD I knew that Jon was too smart to even bother to show up for his show last night and they played a rerun of the Daily Show.%uFFFD Earlier Jon did a story about the various talking (empty) heads on the cable news networks by playing clips of some of the most inane commentary and "reporting" you could imagine.%uFFFD The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is the only place where you can get some laughs with a real perspective of just how screwed up TV news, world events and personalities really are.%uFFFD

The reason it is the most truthful is because Jon even tells us that it is fake news and besides, it's on the Comedy Channel!%uFFFD

I think even GOD got fed up.%uFFFD How else do you explain how the sound system of the Staples Center went dead for all that time?%uFFFD I don't ever remember their sound system failing during a basketball game.%uFFFD Maybe GOD is a bigger fan of the Lakers than he was of Michael Jackson's Memorial organizers.

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