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Thursday, July 2, 2009


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Curtis Jensen is on the road with Utah's Eagle Twin and will be reporting his experiences on this blog for your enjoyment. Enjoy.

DAY .5

'Mother fucker!'

'So we'll just glue these bitches on the edges-'

'Mother fucking shit! Fuck!

'What?' Gentry asks.

'Fucking fuck mother fuck! Agggggggghhhhowwww!

'What the fuck is his problem?'

'I shot my fucking thumb! Fuck!'

In a warehouse divided with 8 foot chain link fences into individual storage spaces. Saw dust, radial arm saw, liquid nails on everything, stained rags, aluminum burls. Gentry Densley and Tyler Smith are trying to finish up the three stacks of 4X18 speaker cabinets that are blocked about the cement floor.

'Fucking shit!

'How did you shoot your thumb?' asks Gentry.

'Fuck! With the god damn fucking nail gun! Fuck!' says Tyler.

It's Tuesday night, 11 or 12, maybe 1. In Salt Lake City. Eagle Twin's first show of 2 weeks' with Sunn O))) is in Chicago on Thursday. Chicago is 1,400 miles from Salt Lake City. Tyler holds his thumb and yells and kicks one of the cabinets and then says that he is done for the night and then he goes home.

'What the fuck,' Gentry says.



I'm tired. I did not sleep much the night before; I woke up in the middle of some one or something telling me a racist joke in my dream. Right at the moment the punch line should have been delivered, I woke up.

The van is not running very well. That's not it. It is running fine, it is 29 years old. I am 28 years old. It is just running hot. We've stopped somewhere on the high sage brush plains, in a town with not enough teeth, it seems. Tyler is haggling for parts, I am dosing in the passenger seat, Gentry is in the parking lot.

He's feeding the seagulls. A lot of them. They are on his shoulders and at his feet and he is grinning and holding up bits of a sandwich in his gathered fingers to the birds as Tyler comes out from the sun-faded auto-parts store.

'Let's get this show on the road!' Tyler says. He heaves up into the drivers seat, scooping a poke of Winter Green Grizzly into his lower lip with his right hand while clicking his seat belt with his left.

'Those were the coolest seagulls I've ever seen.'


'I just can't fucking wait to see Nebraska!' Tyler says this as he is driving and he is pounding ceiling of the van with his fist. 'I fucking love Nebraska!'

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