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Friday, July 31, 2009

Hot Sen-on-Sen Action

According to John Colapinto's story in The New Yorker--yeah, old news, but I was on vacation--there was a lot of senatorial love flowing in the U.S. Senate chambers the day Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn, was finally admitted to that august body:--- %uFFFD At his swearing-in, Franken was welcomed by repeated rounds of applause from his fellow-senators—including Republicans—who had shown up in force for the ceremony.

Nap, nap, nap-a-roo

The Pew Research Center, besides having a silly name, has just released a study that sheds light on the recreational activity we refer to as napping.---Overall, the study found a correlation between naps and unhappiness. People who aren't happy are more likely to nap on a given day than are happy people.

Weekend Live Picks

Now that the weather's cooled down to a pleasant sub-100 degrees, enjoy the break from the blistering heat with some live music at Vertical Diner.--- Bombs and Beating Hearts will provide the anarchist folk-punk, Vertical will serve up vegan-friendly comfort food - everybody's happy. The show starts around 8 p.m.

Eek! The Cat (File Under Random Nostalgia)

For some reason, Eek! the Cat popped up today as a topic of conversation among some of us edit folk.

Beer Me! 2

By all accounts the "Great Beer Bust" at the White House was a success.  That means nobody got carded, thrown out for disorderly conduct, DUI, or threw up.  --- I was a little surprised to see Joe Biden show up as he was not invited innitially and showing the harsh economic times we live in, the munchies were nothing more than some peanuts and pretzels. That's the best the White House could do?  Pretzels?  If Bush were still in office I could picture a huge BBQ with half a steer on a spit with pots of beans and hard boiled eggs.  I could even invision Karl Rove with an apron on slathering the spit with BBQ sauce.  Ah....for the good old days.


Two men arrested today for trade talks on Main St. plaza…--- Ahhh the Major League Baseball deadline.

It's a Boy!

Awww! Lookit the widdle ... awwww!

Summer Sundance

As the SLC Film Center launches its five-week "Made in Utah" free outdoor movie series at Pioneer Park, it's fitting that the opener is a movie that practically gave Utah it's film identity. George Roy Hill's 1969 western Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid turned the genre on its head with its unique pacing and charming anti-heroes (Paul Newman and Robert Redford).

Seinfeld Reunion!

Not exactly: The next season of Seinfeld creator Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm (premiering Sept. 20 on HBO) will feature a cast reunion within the world of TV "Larry David," --- as well as a few snippets of a fake "reunion" show with the Seinfeld gang over a decade after they said buh-bye in an even lamer fashion that The Sopranos. Follow?

Kiddies & Cars

Those reports that the family of 7-year-old Preston Scarbrough weren't going to do any media about the boy taking to family car for a spin in Plain City, Utah last Sunday because he "didn't want to go to church," reasoning that it would just look like he was being rewarded for creating a YouTube sensation? Pure bullshit, apparently.

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