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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Gov & Love

Posted By on June 30, 2009, 5:38 PM

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Can anybody shut this guy up!  So. Carolina Governor Romeo, Mark Sanford just can stop talking to anybody who'll listen about his love life.

Just when I thought he was yesterdays news he grabs an AP reporter and starts yakking on and on about his Argentine "Hoochie-Mama". That isn't enough.....he goes on about how he is trying to break from this lovers magnetic pull and actually has had more trysts with Maria not only in Argentina but in New York.  He goes on about that last meeting with, (everybody sing),MARIAaaaaaa....... that it was chaperoned by a minister or shaman, rabbi, priest, Al Sharpton, Jesse, Jackson, Jeramiah Wright, UPS Driver....God I don't know who it was but it didn't take. It was supposed to be their breakup meeting. O. K. maybe just one last roll in the hay to make sure!

He now says that he is going to try....TRY...and fall back in love with his wife Jenny.  Remember Jenny,  she threw this bum out months ago.  Oh, and he is not going to resign the State House for which he has 18 months left.   Shouldn't somebody make this guy pee in a cup or something?  If this on going confession about Maria isn't enough, he waxes on about how he had close encounters with many other women but never crossed that (SEX) line with them.  Just what the hell is he talking about and with who?   Are we going to hear from some of the second team canoodlers now?

What this has are all the earmarks of a great reality show.  Now that we are so over Jon & Kate Make 8, I'm sure there are some sleaze balls at FOX that would love to create, "The Gov & The Love"

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