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Friday, June 26, 2009

License to Cheat!

Posted By on June 26, 2009, 10:56 AM

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The level of screwing around by Republicans and Democrats may be similar, however the question is who are they screwing?  The latest Politician to get caught with his pants down is South Carolina's Republican Governor Mark Sanford.  His is one of the more bizarre cases to come to light because of his disappearance for week.

Following this story, I thought I was watching another unslolved crime story on 20/20 or 48 Hours.  The stories by his staff and others was so lame it was hard to laugh.  Oh...Ah...he went hiking to clear his head and do some writing.  NObody believed this B. S. and we just waited to see where he would pop up like "Whack-A-Mole.  Ah-Hah!  He was in Argentina diddling with his mistress of some time.  Then comes word that his wife had known about the "other woman" for some time and had already asked the Gov to get out!  All this is old news now but the funny part about all this was listening to Sean Hannity try to put lip stick on this pig.  Without apologies to Sarah Palin.

Hannity tried to connect the missing Governor to how dependant we are on government and that we can't go to the bathroom or mow our lawns without government intervention, regulation, financial assistance yadayadayada.  And of course this was all the fault of the Obama Administration because as we all know from the right-wing-nut echo chamber of Talk Radio, Obama is a, (pick one), Socialist, Marxist, Commie you fill in the blank......

Now you have an excuse to cheat if your a politician just to prove that we can get along without them meddling in our affairs on a daily basis.  Sean Hannity.....pant load and clown! 

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