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Friday, June 19, 2009

students getting shaft from State and BYU

Posted By on June 19, 2009, 1:59 PM

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This is interesting. A moose was running amok on BYU's campus in the parking area. BYU student Cassi Elton got a call that a moose was marauding near her car, so she came to the scene. When she arrived she found that the moose had fallen on both her and BYU student Chris Hair's cars after being tranquilized by the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources. Obviously, a big moose falling on your car is going to cause some damage. In this case, over $3,000 worth of damage to both cars.

After seeing what happened, both students wanted to be assured that the damage to their cars would be covered by the state, and officials on the scene assured them that it would be taken care of. But nope! The poor BYU students must bear the cost themselves. the Utah Division of Risk Management said, "We’ve concluded that they there was no negligence on the part of the state in this matter. Therefore, your request for compensation for the accident is denied.”

Wow, that's brazen. I mean, you would think professionals might have the foresight to know that tranquilizing a wild animal might induce a temporary drunken fit that could damage nearby property. It's their responsibility to make sure that this doesn't happen, right? Scare the moose to another area with no cars. I don't know, do what you have to do! Figure it out.

Both students are upset, and it's been reported that Elton is going to court over this issue. But I think maybe a third party should pay for the damages; BYU parking services. True, it was irresponsible of DWR for not being more careful in the art of tranquilizing. But it was on BYU's property, and it was a legal action done by the State. That means it can't be in the same category as your car getting broken into, because that's an illegal action, not sanctioned by law, and thus not BYU Parking's responsibility. I'm no lawyer, but it seems that in this case the property owner is held responsible for the damages, since it was a legal action they employed on their property. Am I wrong?

But I'm sure BYU parking services employs the best rhetoric from their treasure trove of legal experts, you know, the same ones they've sent to justify torture for the Bush administration. They won't pay for it. I have a friend who got a ticket at BYU on a Sunday for parking in a spot that gave no indication of consequence. No matter how he tried to reason with the
fiery man at BYU parking services, all he was told was "Sorry, nothing I can do! $50 please."

Tickets on Sunday--a tad hypocritical--and now this. Bravo, BYU. Looks like these unfortunate students might have to live off of peanut butter for a little while. 

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