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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Gov, old attitude

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I hope when Governor Jon M. Huntsman cleans out his desk he will leave a couple of scientific journals on climate change behind.  Apparently our Gov in waiting, Lt. Gov Gary Herbert doesn't believe in global warming. He said as much in not so many words but hinted that he didn't think science knows anything about climate change and would rather just listen to Kevin Eubank for the ten day forcast and leave it at that.  That reminds me, if it is a 10 day forcast why do they give us a new one every night? 

forget that thousands of scientests from all over the globe have been studying this subject for years and 90% of these learned experts agree that climate change is for real and has been occuring for decades and will continue to excellerate with the help of man made contributions of green house gases.  We can debate just how much man has contributed to the rate of climate change taking place but there is no more arguing that it is occuring.  

I am not a scientest however the idea that man can have an impact on the air we breath and water we drink is indisputable.  Who in their right mind would not want to do everything possible to improve our living conditions if it were in our power to do so?  Because of regulations and rules set up years ago regarding polluting, the air in the L.A. basin has improved markedly.  Does anybody remember the last Olympics that took place in China?  They had to order manufacturing plants and factories to close down for months before the opening ceremonies just so athletes from around the world could compete as well as have visitors be able to breath without using a surgical mask.

Lt. Gov Herbert can be excused a bit as he has been under the influence of Utah County for a good number of years before coming north and out from under the undue influence of the Gayle Ruzka Flat Earth Society mentality.  Come on Gary, breath deep while you can and don't screw the positive steps Gov Huntsman has made in this area.  Cough/hack/ asthma is bad enough already! 

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