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Friday, June 5, 2009


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Salt Lake City is beginning to look more like Potterville everyday. The latest in this transformation comes from Earl Holding, playing the part of Mr. Potter, with his generous offer of that huge plot of vacant land that is currently a parking lot right across the street from His Grand American and Little America hotels.  

Mr. Potter said he will give this valuable piece of real estate to the County.  Gosh-Oh-Golly-Gee what a wonderful gift to the people of Utah.  Oh.....there is one small catch.  The County must first demolish the existing Salt Palace Convention Center and Build a brand new bigger and better one on the land Mr. Pot...er...Holding is offering the County.

I'm sure that it is pure coincidence that the County was contemplating building a huge 1000 room hotel adjacent to the current Salt Palace Convention Center to make it a short walk for convention goers.  The County, that would be you and me taxpayers, have already sunk an additional $175 million in the past 15 years in the existing Salt Palace Convention Center to update and expand it to what it is today.

What Mr. P.....Holding wants us suckers to do is to throw those millions down the rat hole and cough up God only knows how many more millions on a new convention center for him so everybody coming to Salt Lake will have to stay at his hotels. What a guy. 

Peter Carroon, "George Bailey", will throw Uncle Billy in the raging river before he allows Earl of Potterville to get very far with his sleazy scheme.  We hope!

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