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Friday, May 29, 2009


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And the winner is: winner!  That would be Winner, S.D. This tiny berg has about 3,000 residents and got its name in 1909 because it won a bid to establish a town along a railroad right-of-way.

The "winner" this time around hit the Powerball jackpot worth $232 million.  The winner contacted authorities and the hoopla will begin shortly.  There are 30 states along with D.C. and the Virgin Islands that play the game, and Utah isn't one.  What surprises me is that when the Powerball gets up to those kind of numbers, they usually do stories in our local rags and people head up to Idaho, home of the Utah lottery.

Have the local papers become so small in staff that they only have three people on the city desk and they missed this story?  I have been a huge advocate for Utah to stop exporting our money to Nevada and Idaho for decades, but the liver-lipped, potbellied, fat and balding legislators who fill cartoonist Pat Bagley's art work won't hear of it.  I think their worst nightmare would be that a gay couple would win and buy everybody in the state a mojito in celebration now that we have eliminated private clubs. 

I know the chances of hitting the jackpot are an Obamazillon to one, but it is that one that makes all the difference in the world.  At least for a buck you can dream. If you have a share of GM stock, all you can do is sit and cry.

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