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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sit 'Em Down Joe

Posted By on May 27, 2009, 2:31 PM

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This man’s name is John Vendikos. He served beer at the old Yankee stadium for 27 years. When the Yank-mees opened the new Yankee stadium, one might think that the veteran food and beer servers would all have their old jobs in the new digs.

Not so fast.

The Yankees started their own food service company to work the new stadium, and they decided to interview all the existing workers along with new applicants.

I guess that’s ok, if you’re a giant bastard and want to push out your old workers without having to fire them.

When John Vendikos got to his re-interview, he had to wait in line for three hours, and when he got in, he was told… “Why should I hire you? You’re an old man.”

Lawsuit is pending of course, as this is a classic case of age discrimination.

This guy has probably served more beers than his interviewer has had days on the planet.

What an incredible moron. How hard do you think it is to serve a beer to the young snotty, douchebag Gotti kids? Not to mention, the guy has seen, heard and told thousands of stories from the fabled old Yankee stadium. He used to “set ‘em up Joe” for Joe DiMaggio, for Christ’s sake. In fact, if the Yankees were smart, they would hire nothing but 70 year old salty, crotchity Yankee fans as beer pourers. It’s called “atmosphere.”

Of course if the Yankees were smart there’s a laundry list of things they should do.

However, New York Yankee team spokeswoman Alice McGillion says “We have hired many people over the age of 65 at the new stadium…”

Ya, they’re called your starting outfielders.

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