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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nutless Cheney

Posted By on May 26, 2009, 6:34 PM

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Here we are following on the heels of one of the most sacred holidays this country has, Memorial Day, and there is no shutting up of the biggest offender of such a day.  I'm talking about the Dick Cheney.  To make matters worse, we not only have this slimeball lying warmonger showing up everywhere, but his daughter is becoming the Paula Abdul of politics talking gibberish in support of her father.

Cheney has appeared on every show imaginable with the exception of only Dancing with the Stars, Super Nanny and Cops.  That is the one show he deserves to be on.  How the man who has had a consciencetomy preformed at some time between his 3rd and 5th deferment to keep him out of the Vietnam war, can go on all these shows and continue to lie his balls (I forgot, he doesn't have any) on these shows is beyond bizarre.

Just listen to him talk about how his policy's of "enhanced interrogation" have saved millions of Americans from being attacked again and you want to shoot someone in the face.  Oh I forgot, he already did that. 

You have to think that George Bush, who is hiding somewhere in Houston, has to be Heh-heh-heh-ing secretly rooting Dick on.  Nothing Cheney can say will ever convince a thinking American that what he and his henchmen did to this country is short of treason and fits the definition of war criminal.

How Dick Cheney can look a family member of a fallen or wounded war veteran in the eye is the clearest sign of evil in our midst.  The Republicans will reap the seeds sown by this awful man for years to come.  Remember Cheney said to Bob Schiffer on Face the Nation that he would choose Rush Limbaugh over General Colin Powell as a Republican.  That says it all.

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