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Friday, May 22, 2009

Sick & Twisted

Posted By on May 22, 2009, 5:29 PM

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How many time have you said,  "I wish I were the judge" or on the jury for a crime that makes your blood boil?

I know that the horrible things humans are capable of doing to other human beings need to be addressed in the harshest manner allowed by law, but when the victim is a tiny helpless puppy used by some sick twisted asshole to punish a former girlfriend after already assaulting her my mind is ready to explode.

I know we have to us the word, "accused" because said asshole has yet to have his day in court.  The latest in the case of Anthony Spidle was a further delay so he could consider a plea deal that was offered.  Now that deal is off and the Judge in this case is also running short of patience and wants to go to trial if further delays tactics are used.

This piece of human waste, Spidle, repeatedly slammed the screaming puppy against a wall after beating it with a skateboard and tennis racket so her the screams could be recorded on the girlfriends voicemail.

The little dog has recovered and reportedly doing well.  Spidle is the first adult to be charged under the new animal torture law, "Henry's Law", named after the little dog that another sicko abused by putting him in a oven.  Why it took the Utah Legislature two different sessions and attempts by those in favor of such a law escapes me.  The good news is now it is law and violators will be dealt with more harshly than in the past when punishment for such behavior was akin to a parking ticket.

This on the heals of former NFL star Michael Vick  being released after serving 19 months for his animal cruelty conviction involving his dog fighting operation he had going on at one of his mansions.

The story of Vick's victims has been well documented as they have been cared for and rehabilitated by the wonderful people at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab.

My only wish is for the NFL to not allow Vick to play in the league and for Spidle to serve his sentence in Kanab working for Best Friends after a sufficient time behind bars.  We have to remember that people who are capable of doing such things to animals have it in them to do the same or worse to fellow humans.

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